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    Front-end developer. UX/UI Designer.

    clean builds.

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    Clean, not basic.

    My approach to UX UI design

    Having spent 15 years producing and directing internationally recognized campaigns accross multiple industries, I'm prepared and equipped to deliver stunningly intuitive designs no matter what your needs are. Whether starting from scratch requiring initial branding and design concepts, or simply to breathe new life in to the existing design, I will make the process of your product branding or re-design simple, enjoyable, and exciting.

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    Frameworks and Tools

    Hosted and Deployed


    Designed & Developed.

    My approach to development

    My passion for development was reignited through my years of experience as an 'do-it-all-yourself' entrepenuer. Keen to deliver optimized, clean, and scalable code-bases for accessibility and growth, you won't be left to fragment your efforts hiring a design and development team who will seemlessly deliver your digital product from design, to deployment.


    Case Studies




    Design concept

    Entropy is a consulting firm offering additional services packaged in divisions including investments and commodities. They came to me with the concept of creating order from disorder, as represented in their company name. The colors they had in mind, a strong blue to represent wealth and a gold or metalic tone to touch on their precious metals sector, are sublty represented in the theme design. Wanting to maintain a balance between corporate and entrigue, I made sure to carefully articulate the dychotomy through use of contrast and balance to maintain a design that is professional yet powerful.

    Development strategy

    Although we mostly exist in a mobile-first digital world, I wanted to keep in mind the importance of understanding Entropy's target market. I chose React's Next.js framework for development and TailwindCSS for styling to maintain a balance of Web-forward design as well mobile-first for responsive design.


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    Tina Lou

    Established creative professional expanding from a successful career as a Producer and Creative Director to UI/UX design and front-end development. Proficient in Figma, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, Tailwind CSS, GraphQL, and Framer Motion with a strong background in graphic design and complex artistic content production and design. Committed to creating intuitive user experiences and leveraging a diverse skill set for unique and impactful approaches to design and project management that results in successful aesthetic and technical implementation.

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